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Software Craftsmanship

Every employee at the WinInfosys Inc foundation pursues a goal to be the best in their specific area of expertise. 'Software Craftsmanship' is our collective goal, and we focus on setting ourselves very high standards in the projects we work with.

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Software Development

WinInfosys Inc has experience with software development in general, and a selected number of technologies are the basis for not only high productivity, but also quality in terms of robustness and versatility of the solution. By combining our development Methodology with a suitable process and a balanced set of methods and techniques, we regularly perform end-to-end projects for our clients. These projects are mostly technical in nature, and undertaken in cooperation with the customer on their premises or at our offices.


The essence of knowledge in the field of software development lies in the component and services architecture. The most important implementations of this include PHP, Classic-ASP, .NET , COCA, JAVA , SQL, SQLLITE, MYSQL, HTML5 and modern web architectures that combine JavaScript with fast changing client side techniques.

At WinInfosys Inc, we know that the most important innovations are always the result of open collaboration. This rings true, especially for software development. We understand the power of open source solutions. We do not just use Open Source software; we also use it for innovations in our products.


User Experience Design

"Convenience as a service for the user"

Are you in search of a new application, or need to redesign an existing application? While developing and implementing new concepts, it is sensible to think about these questions:

  • Who are the customers or users with whom you wish to interact?
  • What do you want them to do and how easy should this be for them?
  • What experience would the environment require to provide?
  • How should the user feel while using the application?


WinInfosys provides clear and recognizable answers to these questions through User Experience Design, From the planning, right through to the practice phase.


Artificial Intelligence


The new driver of operational excellence

According to the global research firm Gartner, in 2018 barely 4% of companies have already launched artificial intelligence projects, while nearly half of them appear to be gearing up to do so.


AI – a short- and medium-term growth lever

In conjunction with fundamental breakthroughs in laboratories (cognitive) or applied within the framework of R&D projects (decision-support and robotisation), AI is a continuous improvement tool for your company.

Seen as one of the ways to transform your company, AI will increasingly support or even “augment” human beings, rather than replacing them. We can expect immediate benefits and – in the medium-term – operational efficiency.

In this context, how can you efficiently and usefully implement your artificial intelligence initiatives?


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